Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lines guide the viewer’s eye from one point to another through the photo. Look for lines that lead towards your main subject. Avoid lines that lead the viewer’s eye out of the photo. Remember, lines can be curved as well as straight

Don’t neglect the foreground in your photos. Make the foreground work for you. How do you do this? The best way is to make sure that there is something interesting to look at. The tricky part is finding something that’s interesting, but doesn’t compete with or distract attention from your main subject.
Your subject is the visual centre of your photo (it may not be positioned physically in the centre of the photo, but it’s the most important part of it). The elements around your subject, such as the foreground, should play a supporting role.
Negative space is the area around your subject. If this area is empty, like in the photo of the shell below, it’s called negative space because there’s very little in it. Negative space gives the subject room to breathe. It can also convey a sense of the subject’s environment.

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