Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MPEG vs AVCHD vs H.264

Hi ,Do you know this thing?users of new digital cameras like 5d ,c100,and some other cameras must know this..
avchd-- advanced video coding high definition .everybody know this but the bit rate of avchd is 24mbps that means 3MBps .
some cameras like c100 this camera is high cost but u can consider bit rate also...
in H.264 its a simple mpeg compression  which all digital high end cameras gives.do you know what is bit rate? approximately  50 mbps..compare to 24mbps..
 in my experience i am suggest that use compact flash cards for 5d and other..more bit rate of creates more greadiants that will enhance the picture quality..
in mpeg technology all cameras uses H.264 compression in this there is heavy loss and small loss parts ..and thats why some cameras uses heavy loss compression like avchd,H.264,other uses only h.264......like 5dmark ii and ii..  

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